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Everlasting love!

Yay! Jamie's new single Everlasting love was first aired on radio (BBC Radio 2) this morning. I've missed it, live, but there's a great rewind! I keep listening to it, it just makes me happy..

Yes that is what my life is all about right now. I'm horrible and obsessed..

That's all.

xx Femke


Soundtrack to my life

Since I've been ill since tuesday, and now feeling a bit better, I've had the time to finish my soundtrack.

So here goes:

Opening credits: Rockafella Skunk – Fatboy Slim

Waking up: Pointless nostalgic – Jamie Cullum

Average day: NERD – Provider

First date: Crazy/Beautiful – Dandy Warhols

Falling in love: All I need - Air

Love scene: Daydream believer – The Monkees

Fight scene: Killing in the name of – Rage against the machine

Breaking up: Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone – Al green or Beautiful Goodbye – Amanda Marshall

Getting back together: Forgiven – Alanis Morissette

Secret love: Lovefool – Cardigans

Life's okay: Mr Jones – Counting Crows

Mental breakdown: Any Coldplay song

Driving: Any song from Radiohead

Learning a lesson: Come away with me – Norah Jones

Deep thought: Nothing lasts forever - Jezebel

Flashback: Material girl - Madonna

Partying: Push up - Freestylers

Happy dance: Matinee – Franz Ferdinand

Regreting: New version of me – Felicity soundtrack

Long night alone: All by myself – Aretha Franklin (I think)

Death scene: The life I live – Q65

Closing credits: I will keep my head down - Kane
well I haven't been on this much lately.. Got nothing new to say.. I've been feeling ill for the last couple of days, so this is not a very happy post..

Hopefully the medicines will work this time, I hate it when I take medicine to stop the pain I'm in, and they don't work.

xx Fem




I'm so happy, well, actually not right now, but anyway.. I got tickets for Jamie's concert in Amsterdam, 26th November! It's so cool! The tickets went for sale at 10.00 am, and were sold out at 12.00! And I'm going to see Jamie! Yay!

It's the time of the month for me, and I've been feeling horrible all day long, and as things can get even more horrible.. I've got a huge pain in my toe.. Can't walk normally, and I've got my first Yoga lesson tonight..

I just hate my life today..

xx Fem


I've been waiting for an email for three days, and when it finally came, I was a bit disappointed.. But than again, I need to get some tickets for Jamie's concert in Amsterdam..

Nothing else happened, I had a bit of a fight last night with my parents, I felt really awfull (listened to All at sea continuously last night, wishing I was at sea), and my parents didn't seem to care. Today it was a bit better, the only ones who did understand my feelings were Paul and Monique, the only ones right now who are actually there when I need to talk.. They know me pretty well, so that's nice I have these two standing behind me whatever I do or say. I felt kinda lonely the last couple of days at work, my colleagues didn't understand me, and didn't seem to care how I felt. But today was a good day, we had so much fun at work..

This weekend my dad and me are going to paint my room, finally.. We've been making plans since the summer holiday, and now finally it's going to happen! Yay!

That's it for now..

xx Fem


I'm now totally exhausted from a really busy week.. Monday Amsterdam, Wednesday Madonna, Friday Antwerpen.. It seems like a holiday, but sadly enough it wasn't..I had to work also.. But it was nice, everyone at work asked me how Madonna was! That's really making me happy..

Friday Antwerpen, was so cool! I was there with all my colleagues (which means two tourbusses), in the morning we went shopping (well some of my colleagues did, I didn't buy anything), and in the afternoon we went to the Antwerpen Zoo, we got a tour behind the scenes, which was soo cool! We got to see a huge five year old tiger walking in his cage, from 2 metres away from us.. And have seen some sealions really close..

That's all I've done, this weekend I'm sort of taking a break, which basically means I'm totally doing nothing, apart from a bit of studying..

xx Femke


Madonna concert

WOW!! Yesterday I went with a friend to the Madonna concert in Holland. It was so cool! The last and only time she was in Holland was 14 years ago, and I was 8, and was there.. So I had to go this time!

She started with Vogue, which was so cool! I wished I look as good as her when I'm 46.. The most of the songs were oldies, which was so cool, because I like her new album, but the oldies are more my favorites. She did a cover of John Lennon's Imagine, which was so beautiful! She played guitar in some songs, so cool!

I'm still in a bit of a dreammood.. It's was so cool, the only thing was that we went back with the train, and it took us 4 hours to get home.. On the way to the stadium it took us 1,5 hours to get there.. I hate the Dutch railway system!

Well that was it for today.. Going to bed really early.



I went shopping today in Amsterdam, with my parents. My parents had to go to Amsterdam because they needed visa for Nepal, and the Nepalese Ambassee is in Amsterdam. So we went to Amsterdam today. We walked through halve Amsterdam I think, first the Albert Cuypmarket, which is a nice market, with secondhand stuff. I bought a baroc bag, which is so cool! As usual I went to the H&M, and bought a dress and a t-shirt. At the end of our shopping day, we went to Fame, a huge cdstore, and I bought the albums of Katie Melua, Jeff Buckley and Norah Jones. So it was quite a good shopping day for me..

When I came home there were two messages from a cdshop from Utrecht, they ordered all the Jamie singles for me, and two of them are delivered there. So wednesday I'll ask my colleague (who lives in Utrecht) to pick them up for me, hopefully the last two will be there aswell..

I'm happy but quite tired!

xx Femke

Sep. 5th, 2004

Haven't been here for a while, my internet connection was being weird..Not much to tell, except in three days I'll be seeing Madonna live! I'm so excited to go!!!

That's all for now..
So I'm back again.. Not much to tell, I have to work tomorrow.. Which is so nervwrecking... I'm a bit nervous, like it's my first day for school.. I hope I'll survive, taking it easy and talking a lot with colleagues. I have redecorated my room today, well a bit.. Painted some photo frames and put them on my wall today, I have a bit of a wall of fame! Did some other things, which are not really important.. That's it for today. I'll keep you posted!


Aug. 27th, 2004

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me.. Had to pick up my glasses, finally! So I walked around all day with my glasses on, what a relief! Can sit all day on my PC and finally having no headache! That's so nice! After that I went shopping with my mum, got two photo albums, the dvd from Fame and a stressreliefmask for my eyes.. I went to every record shop to get the single "All at sea", but they didn't have it anywhere.. I hate it!

Than in the evening I went to the gym, and my lesson was sooo hard.. It hurts everywhere right now.. :( After that I went to see my best friend, she had her birthday 9th of August, and I was in Paris at that time, so I got a lot of presents for her, which I hadn't had the chance to bring her.. So I went to her place last night. Which was soo cool, we talked, smoked and drunk all night.. I even got the chance to sit and ride a scooter, which I had never done before, it was really scary.. Her boyfriend and me went to get cigarettes on the scooter, and we were driving about 70 km/h.. I was soo scared! But later I laughed so loud.. It was so funny!

Well, that's it for today.. I am a bit hungover and it's my last day from my holiday, so I'm probably be doing nothing at all, a whole day long! YEAH!

xx Femke
Well, I'm back again.. With nothing to tell, since I'm still on holiday, and all my friends went to school today after their holiday.. so there's nobody to amuse me.. Well, I've went to the dentist, which scares me so much, I was so nervous, but as usual, there was nothing wrong. That was such a relief.

I've studied a bit today (Journalism, a study at home, which is great! I'll be interviewing Jamie some day!) and as usual my computer was on all day, just PN and some music. Oh yes, I've watched Oprah this afternoon, and her guest was George Michael. What a lovely person he is! Such a shy person, although he's famous for 20 years or so.. Even the fact I don't like his music, except for the older songs, I like him as a person. His new album is out, and Oprah asked him if he was afraid if there will be homophobics which will judge him for being gay. He answered: Well, I would rather like people that buy my album just for being me, and loving my music, than homophobics which will buy the album for me being gay.. I loved it!

Well that's it for today..

xx Femke
So today I've made my photo album. Which was a pretty big job, since I've printed out 160 pictures.. Now I only have to buy some frames, so I can hang the loveliest on my wall. Which includes some Jamie-pictures. I now have a wall of fame! :D Well the rest of the day I spend on the PN and watching tv.. My back hurts really bad.. I don't know why that it.. Maybe because I've been sitting on a horrible chair all day, just for sitting behind my computer.. :S well, that's it for today!

xx Femke

Aug. 21st, 2004

So I'm back again.. Don't really know anything interesting to tell you..

Oh yeah.. Today I went to the optician.. Needed a pair of glasses, my first ones. Found some really nice pairs, and had to choose between two pairs. Awful! Now I've choosen one, which will be ready thursday. Hope it will help, it's so horrible when your on your pc and can't even read the letters on the screen..

Well, I guess that's it for today!

xx Femke



How happy can anyone be?? I just found out (see the jamie cullum forum) that Jamie will be in Holland (should I write this here?? In case anyone wants to see Jamie live, don't, he's horrible! Haha LOL!), I really wanna go and they haven't started the pre-sale yet, so I hope there will be tickets for me... i can't think about anything else right now, I'm so excited! Really cool if I can be there!

Well, I need to talk about anything else, or else I'll go crazy.. I went to my cousin yesterday and came back today. We had so much fun, we haven't seen eachother for about 2 months, so it was really nice to see her and talk. That's about all we've done, and smoking... :P

Well, that's it for today.

xx Femke


First add!

Since almost everyone on the forum is English, I decided to get an English journal as well... For the Dutchies: check weblogs.bnn.nl/femmie

Well, nothing to tell, I'll be leaving soon, going to stay with my cousin for one night, so I'll talk to everyone soon!