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God I got so annoyed with lj a few moments ago.. I made a huge post (really huge) and it didn't upload it, and when I went back to my update, it was all gone.. *Insert angry emoticon*

Anyway, I'm gonna try again..

An update on my life: I went to see the doctor yesterday, and she's going to make an appointment with a therapist for me, which is actually more than I expected. So that's nice!

I had a really nice talk with Marco last night, he actually made me cry by saying I could call him any time of the day if I wanted to talk.

Last night was absolutely fabulous! Jamie's North sea jazz gig was aired again, although it was a bit different than the gig shown before. It was even better, they showed I could've danced all night (YES, the sexy dance!) and In the wee small hours (I cried when I heard that). You could've seen a bit of me in the show too.. Cameraman obviously liked me, lol! I can't remember that much about the gig, cause I wasn't a big fan like now. I was totally blown away by him, but didn't knew he played High and dry. I'm a great Radiohead fan, and actually cried during the gig, when I heard that song.. I also know Jamie and me holding hands (how could I ever forget about that, when it was aired on national tv..) and my friend being totally jealous, she was right next to me, but Jamie didn't hold her hand..

Anyway, this is it for today (a little less shorter than the original post though).

xx Fem


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Oct. 28th, 2004 07:51 pm (UTC)
good to hear that everything is going a bit better :D

Yup that was nice last night and very emotional...

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