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London update

I’m  just gonna do a non-friends entry for the ones who weren’t in London, so they can read my review from the whole trip. Will do a slightly edited entry for friends later!


I was the first to arrive on the airport and one minute later Femke arrived, and we had a little chat while I was having a cigarette. Than Linda arrived, which was great, cause the trains had a delay and didn’t expected her to be there so early J. We decided to go to the check in desk, and since Linda and me only had handluggage we were ready pretty quickly. At the airport I had another smoke and we gossiped about people from PN. Really funny. Than it was time to get on the plane. I got again a bit nervous, so I took my medication. The flight was actually pretty great, and only at first when we left the airport I got a bit nervous. But I started enjoying the flight! That was nice. Well the trip to London wasn’t that long and we were all pretty tired, so not much talking ;)


We walked to the hotel, which was great, really close to Oxford Street and next to the hotel (much to our excitement) was a Starbucks. We checked in the hotel and changed clothes and went to Soho to meet up with Holly, her sis and friend and Femke to get some drinks and go to Pizza Express to see Gwyneth Herbert. In PE it was freezing, we were right under the airco, which wasn’t that nice. We even saw Geoff and Seb walking in while they were having a break from PE! But the gig was great, the place was so small, Gwyneth was almost on our laps! Her voice is just beautiful and I am sure I’m gonna buy her new album, if only for her song Oh, Monkey, which she wrote for her kitten. So sweet and funny! Linda and me (well maybe only me) got excited when we found out they were playing the dvd extras from Blenheim in the PE restaurant while waiting for the other girls to get upstairs again. We walked back to our hotel, talked a little and went to sleep.


Saturday we woke up at about 10am, got showered and dressed and got next door to go to Starbucks for breakfast. We had to meet up with Bodge at 12.30, so we decided to walk up to Oxford Street, and while walking there we found a great one pound shop, with only jewellery for one pound each. Of course we had to go in and buy some nice jewellery. Then we met up with Bodge, and went into H&M. I couldn’t resist buying another bag and scarf, and Linda also bought a bag. We went to lunch at Garfunkel’s, much to our excitement. God we had so much fun about a chicken wing. (not gonna share it in this entry, if you’re interested, ask on msn!) After that we went to pick up Adele from Liverpool station, and had a little spazz in the car. Phoe arrived at the hotel, so we had a little spazz with the five of us and said hi to Siobhan, Phoe’s sister, who is so nice! Linda and me walked back to our hotel to change and met up with the rest at their hotel again. We walked to Wagamama’s where we had dinner, and we had to walk through some sort of redlight district, much to the excitement of the English people (we Dutchies are used to it :P ), we did see a guy walking around in bondage clothes, really funny. In Wagamama’s we had a lovely dinner (at least I had, Bodge and Phoe were too excited to eat, so they didn’t had much) and a lovely waiter who looked like a certain Cullum and I’m convinced his name is Frodo (since I couldn’t read his badge properly that’s what I made out of what I could read!). After dinner the real excitement started, we had to walk back to RS, which was about 15 minutes, and standing in line for the gig made some people really excited. I took a picture from Adele leaning at the announcement board where Jamie’s name was announced. Geoff and Sam walked by with their equipment, much to Adele’s and Bodge’s excitement. I must say Geoff looked really hot!  And finally we got in, we got great seats, second row, right in front of Sam, which was great. When Theo Travis started, me, Adele and Bodge went downstairs to the little bar, and had a chat with LD and Sam I believe. Geoff and Seb were having dinner, and when Geoff left, I went up to talk to Seb about some business ;) and gave him his present, which he loved. He asked why I bought him a present, and really liked it, bless him. Adele asked him if she could touch his arms, and he put out both arms and asked which one she preferred, really funny! Bodge took a picture (unfortunately Adele lost her camera after the gig, so no arm proof of all the arms she touched!). Phoebe arrived downstairs and we talked a little more to Seb, he still has the banner, and he’s going to put it up in his house, which is great! We all got a hug and then Seb left to get ready for the first set. We got back upstairs again and found out Ben, Mark Emms, Isabella and Simon were sitting near us. They got a bottle of champagne, and of course the cork (which hit Bodge’s head before), hit me on the chest. I had no idea what it was, until the waiter looked at me and apologised. Nice! Anyway, Jamie started, and I can’t for the hell remember what the setlist was, most of it new songs, apart from Frontin’ (with belly slapping, really hot, and Jamie mentioning it was better when he’s naked!), What a difference a day makes and These are the days (sung by Ben, which was absolutely great and our whole table just died). The new songs where great, I absolutely loved them and the whole Notting Hill carnival inspired drumming with Jamie on a drum which was almost as big as him was great. Get your way was just great, even though I hated it when I heard it on tape. I cried again during Photograph and London Skies, god it was beautiful. Theo Travis started again and we went again downstairs, talking to some random cycler who had great arms and thighs, cause he rides about 400 miles a week. God that was hilarious. I went back upstairs again, but before that I had a talk with Femke about gigs and all, and how we were gonna take back our opinion about Get your way. I also had a chat with Marc about the gig and his honeymoon and he asked me if I was here all week (I’m not that of a stalker!!!). I got a kiss and a hug from him, and he looked really happy when I said congrats to him and how he was a married man now. Bless him. Before the gig started I went up to talk to Simon about the Dutch candy I got him in Bath (which Bodge gave to him, long story). He liked it and he told me Ben was about to go up stage to sing These are the days with Jamie, much to my excitement. We also had a little chat about his son’s first words (random I know) and Adele’s ducks. Jamie started again and Ben got up stage. Our whole table melted, it was great, and I can’t stop raving about it. Sorry! As I said, I can’t remember what he sung, apart from some songs. 7 days to change your life is absolutely brilliant, I kept laughing during the song, the lyrics where great. Mind Trick is such a sunhatchy tune, and I saw Ben singing along during that song. I’ll just skip to the end of the gig (I could’ve danced all night) and we all got on our feet to get dancing. I think it was before that, right after one of the last songs, the whole crowd got up and gave Jamie a standing ovation, which he was so touched by that. I noticed Isabella getting up with one of the first people and grinning and just looking generally proud of her boyfriend, which was so cute. Bless her. And than the gig was over. L I had a little chat with Ben, saying I really loved him getting up stage and singing, and some other things we discussed. Than I walked up to the stage where Geoff and Sam where packing up, and I called Geoff to come over. At first he told me he was packing and Danny (Jamie’s tourmanager) told him to go up. I also called Sam to come over and gave Sam my present, and he had the same reaction as Seb “Why have you bought me a present?!”. Which was cute. I got a kiss from Sam aswell, and he even recognised me “Hey it’s you again! How are you?”. Bless! I got Geoff his present, and his reply was “Why did you buy me a present? Nobody ever buys me presents apart from my kids!”. He loved the socks I got him (random I know!) and told me he actually needed socks and I got a kiss from him aswell. Phoe got her playing cards signed and Adele got to touch both guys arms and Bodge got to touch Geoff thighs.

We got kicked out of RS, so we decided to wait outside for Jamie. After a while Sam came out, and we all went “Bye Sam”, which was hilarious. Than the big moment (lol), Jamie came out. Fortunately, I was first in line, so I gave him my present, and he said he unwrap it later. There was a randomly drunk guy who started singing Ain’t that a kick in the head, and Jamie joined, right in my ear, which was fab. I got a kiss (again!) and a hug, and he signed my clock. No real conversation, since the drunk guy kept singing, but it was nice to see him again. Adele was next and she told him she loved Jamie’s arms and got to touch them. I think she also got her picture taken with him, but she lost her camera as mentioned before. I was in the way of the people packing the instruments in the car, so I had to leave, which sucked, cause I didn’t see anything from what happened with Linda, Phoe and Bodge. But, I was chatting to Femke, Sam and Reggae, and we think we saw Jamie’s Ebay stalker, which was just wrong. Anyway, we all got to talk to Jamie and got autographs and Bodge’s father was waiting for us to leave, so we left. There was a car standing right next to us, with a few people in it, and I noticed Ben up there, and he waved at me. We left to our hotels, and said goodbye, half spazzing in the car though. Linda and me got to our room (got a funny look from the guy who worked in the hotel, who must’ve thought why we got back so late, at 4am I think). We spazzed some more and didn’t got to sleep till 5am I think. Woke up at 10am by a call from Phoebe to ask us if they’d came over to our hotel, since they got kicked out already. Linda and me took a shower and packed with the 3 girls in the room, and spazzed some more. Siobhan was waiting for us at the next door Starbucks, so we had breakfast there, and I bought a Herbie Hancock possibilities cd, which I’m listening to right now, and it’s brilliant. We taped a little video for the people who weren’t there, talking randomly about arms, the gig, mr. Cullum and more. We went up to Covent Garden, after we left Bodge (alcoholic ;) ) and went to a bookshop to buy some books (I got 4, which is great!) and to the Lush shop. I didn’t go in, since I’d spend already way too much money. We went to the tubestation where we said goodbye to Adele, and than it was just me, Linda, Phoe and Siobhan. We got to Paddington, ate some Burger Kings, sat at the Paddington statue. And than it was time to say goodbye to Phoebe. I cried a little, since we didn’t knew when we’d see eachother next, although I’m thinking about going to London/UK around January again. Linda and me spend a little time on Paddington station and than we got on the train to Heathrow. We spend time there, just smoking (me) and do some last minute shopping (cadburry bars). When we were waiting for our gatenumber to turn up, I went to the smoking area. There was a guy sitting next to me, who asked me for a light, and he started talking to me in English and than asked me were I was from. It turned out he was Dutch aswell and he came from LA (Los Angelies as Jamie called it Saturday). He was on the same flight as us, but thank goodness he wasn’t sitting next to us on the plane, since he was a bit weird. We got on the plane and said goodbye to the UK. Listened to Jamie on the plane, and randomly started laughing at eachother of the memories popping in our heads and read magazines. The flight was pretty relaxed and I can say I’m truly over my fear of flying now. Doing 6 flights in one year definitely helped. And that was the end of our London trip, another great one. Sadly it is over now, and I don’t know when I’ll be back L